As a leading global provider of smart and efficient lighting solutions, Tridonic empowers its customers and business partners to become more successful by making their lighting smarter, connected, and more sustainable.

Their component lighting solutions deliver superior quality, maximum reliability and impressive energy savings.

LED modules

With their wide range of LED modules we cover all common lighting requirements for indoor, outdoor and industrial applications.

Besides LED modules for linear and area luminaires, spotlights and downlights, Tridonic also offers flexible LED strip modules and complete ready-to-apply solutions. LED modules from Tridonic offer excellent light homogeneity, a long lifetime and high efficacy. Tunable White products allow you to adjust the color temperature seamlessly from cool white to warm white. Combined with our LED drivers you get a perfectly matched complete LED solution from a single source.

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LED drivers

In their extensive range of energy-efficient dimmable and non-dimmable LED drivers we offer the right products for every indoor and outdoor application – from cost-efficient LED drivers in proven Tridonic quality to premium products that give you maximum flexibility and convenience.

Their dimmable LED drivers can be controlled with different analog and digital dimming signals. basicDIM Wireless products allow wireless control without additional wiring.

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Emergency Lighting

Tridonic offers a diverse range of complete emergency lighting solutions for separate battery-supplied emergency lighting installations – for different requirements and LED modules – that perfectly match the requirements of the various country-specific standards.

The range covers everything from the simple to the highly intelligent, and from basic functionality to high-end solutions.

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Controls and connectivity

Tridonic offers various control solutions for different applications and requirements.

From easy and cost effective lighting controls for a single luminaire up to a high-end solution for entire buildings with a high level of flexibility, comfort, well-being and safety.

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Find the right accessories for Tridonic products, such as optical lenses, housings and connectors for LED modules, strain-relief sets and resistors for setting the current for LED drivers, connection cables and test switches for emergency lighting units, and more.

Additionally, learn about our partners for reflectors, optics, housings, holders and heat sinks.

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