For mankind, lighting has always been an essential part of life. It provides wellbeing and comfort, makes the inhospitable habitable, adds functionality to spaces and reveals the beauty of each landscape and architectural attribute. LEDS C4 has forty years of lighting experience, improving people’s lives through lighting products that are useful for society.

Their component lighting solutions deliver superior quality, maximum reliability and impressive energy savings.

Experts in shaping the light

They are committed to exploring lighting in all its aspects. Their goal is to transform spaces within buildings and enhance them through lighting solutions tailored to individual environments. This is the challenge they face as a company, which constitutes their everyday endeavour. LEDS C4 is endorsed by 13,000 clients in more than 140 countries, and they have a portfolio of more than 3000 technical and decorative lighting projects, both interior and exterior.

An ongoing challenge

They are committed to quality, durability, and high performance for all their lighting. Their technical and quality teams work constantly to optimize materials, designs, and processes. To achieve this, all their products undergo comprehensive testing to ensure high performance throughout their lifespan. To show how committed they are to delivering premium quality, LEDS C4 offers a five-year warranty against manufacturing defects, which applies to all the products in their extensive catalog of more than 9,000 product references.

All company initiatives and progress hinge upon their comprehensive knowledge of the industry, as well as their focus on clients' experience.

A desire to innovate

In under 10 years, LED technology has completely revolutionized the technical lighting sector, and LEDS C4 has been a pioneer in Europe in incorporating this new technology, demonstrating that it is possible to live in the present with an eye to the future. And that it is possible to be competitive, solid, and efficient while being innovative. As an industry leader, they strive to optimize lighting with cutting-edge technologies. They also produce new lighting solutions for the present and the future, based on product miniaturization, light control and quality, connectivity, and digital services.