Welcome to Deko-Light, your reliable lighting partner for specialist distribution. They stand for excellent quality, modern design, and innovative technologies. They have over 25 years of experience in professional LED technology. In this time, they have developed into an integral part of the LED lighting industry. With their exclusive designs made by DEKO-LIGHT, they develop products with high practical relevance, which incorporate all their many years of experience as well as numerous ideas from their customers.

Unique Items

Light promotes well-being, mood, and health in people. This is what the lighting concept "human centric lighting" or HCL for short stands for. It simulates natural daylight and its biological effect indoors. This effect can be used at home or at the workplace. At DEKO-LIGHT, you will find numerous luminaires that can be integrated into your HCL control system to adjust the light colors to your biorhythm. They also offer their LED strips in different light colors. The combination of different LED strips, e.g., in one profile, also enables you to integrate them into the HCL lighting design.

Tailored advice

All DEKO-LIGHT brand products come with a 5-year extended warranty. DEKO-LIGHT lighting solutions have always stood for maximum reliability and performance based on strict quality guidelines. The products are regularly checked during the development and production process in order to provide users from all sectors with a fault-free product. The extension of the manufacturer's warranty underlines this quality promise once again.

For the whole Family

With the advent of LED technology, many luminaires could no longer be repaired and became disposable products. Thanks to their high recycling rate, they are able to return a large part of the raw materials to the system - nevertheless, they want to do even better. Their goal is to develop luminaires in which the LED or the power supply unit can be replaced in the event of a malfunction. With their new Green Label "LED chip replaceable," they are setting an example. From now on, they will use this label to identify their luminaires that enable the environmentally friendly replacement of LED chips. In combination with low power consumption and a long service life, DEKO-LIGHT luminaires are already helping to protect the environment.