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Embracing Smart, Energy-Efficient Lighting with the Upgraded EN PRIME Road Lamp for Our Customer.
February 2, 2024 by
Iluminate the Future
ETT Lighting d.o.o., Luka


Responding to the growing demands of eco-conscious customers, we're excited to unveil a product that marries innovation with sustainability: the upgraded EN PRIME, now equipped with a Zhaga connector. This launch is a testament to our commitment to delivering eco-friendly solutions without compromising on quality or performance.

 Smart and Sustainable

Adhering to our motto, "Finding the perfect lighting solution together," we have developed the upgraded EN PRIME road lamp with a strong focus on customer requirements. This lamp goes beyond basic lighting, offering a practical solution for modern illumination. It represents our commitment to delivering smart, energy-efficient lighting options.

 Enhanced with the Zhaga Connector

The Zhaga connector, located on the lower part of the lamp, is a key component. It enhances the interaction with urban lighting, offering more than basic connectivity. The lamp's performance is driven by a D4i LED Driver from TRIDONIC, known for its reliability and efficiency. This driver is also responsible for powering the sensor, emphasizing our focus on functional and efficient design.

Intelligent Detection System

The ENPRIME road lamp features a notable dual detection system, designed to identify both vehicles and pedestrians. This functionality is particularly beneficial for enhancing safety and efficiency in parking spaces and company areas. By accurately detecting movement and presence in these specific zones, the system contributes to a more secure and well-managed environment. This makes it a practical addition not only to modern street lighting but also to the infrastructure of private and commercial premises.



Virtual Midnight: A Significant Advance

Virtual Midnight (VM) technology represents a significant advancement in lamp technology. This innovation is centered around an internal processor that enables a multi-stage reduction in energy consumption during nighttime. By intelligently considering the lamp's on and off times, VM technology autonomously adjusts energy usage without the need for external infrastructure-based control systems. The lamp automatically dims its light in a pre-programmed sequence, specifically during the middle of the night. This midpoint is dynamically calculated each day, based on the lamp's daily cycle of being turned on and off, ensuring optimal energy efficiency tailored to the lamp's specific operating schedule.

LED Technology: A Practical and Efficient Option

The shift to LED technology in outdoor lighting marks a notable improvement in energy efficiency. LED lights are known to be at least 50% more energy-efficient compared to conventional lighting methods. Additionally, the use of sensors and wireless controllers in our LED lamps optimizes this efficiency by providing light only when it's needed.

Investment and Future Readiness

Choosing LED luminaires with Zhaga-D4i interfaces is a wise investment for those looking towards sustainability and adaptability. This ensures compatibility and future readiness, meaning your lighting setup with a D4i driver and Zhaga interface will remain up-to-date and easily adaptable to new technologies.

In conclusion, the upgraded ENPRIME luminaire represents our commitment to providing lighting solutions that are not only smart and efficient but also aligned with environmental sustainability. We encourage you to be a part of this progression towards a more efficient and smarter future in lighting.

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