About Us

Company ETT Lighting is a direct successor of ETT Rehar s.p. in the field of lighting – production of lights, light planning, installing lights and electrial installations, selling of lights and electromaterial. We are a company with a long tradition in dealing with everything electric. We cooperate with established international makers of ligthts and electricl components. You will find only the best quality of materials in our products with high energy efficency and a long life span.

With our experience and expertise we have a trust of a wide circle of buissness partners at home and abroad. We were one of the first in Slovenia to get the trainign for working with DALI protocol, with wich we can get high energy savings and a creative lightning control. The goal of ETT d.o.o. is to remain at the top of our expertise with our buissness partners, and to work on new, more effiecent and friendlier technologies. The results of our countless experiences, which we gaines on complex projects, are many buissness partners for which we work. With a modern buissness organization, professional qualifications, technical equipment and experience of more than 25 years we gained a vast circle of buisness partners. We worked on proects in: SLOVENIA, CROATIA, BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA, MONTENEGRO, MACEDOINA, SERBIA, KOSOVO, ALBANIA and ZAMBIA.

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