Smart home solutions

Smart home solutions

With traditional light switches, you can only turn your lights on and off from one, maybe two spots in a room, and only if you have a free hand. It’s an inconvenience we’ve learned to live with, but there’s an even better way that goes beyond conventional switches…

From your lights to your thermostats and security system, we makes your home smarter and safer.

Our smart and efficient LED lighting, provides a high quality solution for any specific need and requirement of workplaces and educational environments as well as homes. Maintenance is easy, straightforward retrofitting of buildings for fast installation and high levels of flexibility in space organisation.

Additionally, to meet the specific requirements of screen-based work, glare reduced lighting is also available. 

Controllable and dimmable white light is important for our well-being and general efficiency at work. With the Tridonic Tunable White edition, light can be flexibly and dynamically adjusted to the time of the day, thus helping boost user concentration and effectiveness.