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Our goal is to provide a complete high quality service solving all your lighting needs . 
From self-produced professional luminaires to industry leading producers of LED modules, we provide them all!

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Other notable references

Kindergarten Nova Cerkev – High school and educational center illumination

– Illumination of all play rooms and auxiliary rooms of kindergarten with LED lamps and smart lighting controlled by light sensors and DALI

Rdeča dvorana Velenje – Illumination of event venues

– Mounting of powerful high bay luminaires, complete with installation of electrical wiring and set up of smart lighting systems

RADIO 1 – Complete illumination of office spaces and radio studio

– Supply and installation of lighting in offices and audio studio with a combination of light and motion sensors

Tavern Kmetec Zagrad –  Electrical installation and dining room lighting

–  Complete illumination of tavern; electrical installation, supply and installation of downlighters and lighting systems for dining room and kitchen

WIN WIN – Serbia –  Illumination of shopping center

– Illumination of two shopping centers in Serbia with modern LED downlighters and decorative luminaires

BURGER KING: – Serbia –  Smart lighting and illumination of franchise

– Supply and installation of luminaires meant specially for the food industry (bacteria free, easy to clean) luminaires

Hotel EMERALD Priština – Kosovo – Decorative lighting and ambiental illumination of surroundings

– Lighting the entire hotel with advanced designer LED luminaires and installation of DALI smart lighting systems

Hotel Intercontinental RAB – Croatia – Salon illumination and smart lighting

– Installation and programming of a system for automatic lighting control with sensors in hotel’s common areas, hotel room illumination

Looking for a professional lighting solution for your company and production line?


Power: 10-71W
Luminous flux: 990-8200lm
luminous efficiency: ~110lm/w
protection: IP44

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Power: 6-20W
Luminous flux: 580-2050lm
luminous efficiency: ~90lm/w
protection: IP20

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Power: 40W
Luminous flux: 3790lm
luminous efficiency: 95lm/w
protection: IP40

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Power: 16-36W
Luminous flux: 2010-3900lm
luminous efficiency: 100lm/w
protection: IP40

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Perfetto 230

Power: 19W
Luminous flux: 2000lm
luminous efficiency: 105lm/w
protection: IP20

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Power: 10-21W
Luminous flux: 680-1380lm
luminous efficiency: 65lm/w
protection: IP20

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Latte LED

Power: 13-39W
Luminous flux: 1810-5620lm
luminous efficiency: 140lm/w
protection: IP40

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Track pro

Power: 42W
Luminous flux: 5100lm
luminous efficiency: 121lm/w
protection: IP20

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Power: 20-40W
Luminous flux: 2200-4600lm
luminous efficiency: 1100lm/w
protection: IP20

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Power: 10/12W
Luminous flux: 850/1020lm
luminous efficiency: 85lm/w
protection: IP20

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