Smart home solutions

Smart home solutions


A room automation system nowadays has to be flexible enough to be adapted quickly and easily to altered room or usage conditions. The aim is to install a room automation system which integrates heating/cooling, lighting and sun blinds. At the same time it needs to be flexible and easy  to use – for the end user as well as for maintenance personal. When a floor plan change is desired an operator should be capable to perform room layout changes while operation continues without sophisticated training. The end user should be able to operate the room functions via his PC.

The room automation system provides Ethernet/IP connectivity down to room level comprising standardized communication protocols.

Flexible Room Automation

Room Automation System by LOYTEC: extremely flexible, efficient and simple to use.

Room Automation
for KNX

Room automation with KNX components and
L-ROC management functions for a flexible layout.

Room Automation FAQ

The L-ROC 40x Room Controllers provide answers to all questions regarding room automation.